Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday Made It!

Another Monday has come along - only one more left!

I'm linking up with Tara for Monday Made It  - I love reading and seeing all the other amazing things teachers have been making either at school or home. Some people are SO creative and clever! You should head on over to Fourth Grade Frolics to read all about them!

This is a quick display I put up not long ago.

The display that was here had become very tatty and I wanted to show off more of the writing my class had been doing and show how much they had grown! I had plans to make sweet keepsakes for each child showing their first piece of writing from the school year and a recent piece but I don't realistically think I will get that done now. Instead I am displaying some examples outside the classroom. I am so proud of how far some of them have come!

We are going to be making some sort of vehicles this week in Design Technology. To prepare us for this I thought we would revise 3D shapes and look at their nets. I printed some off and wanted them to explore and make them to see what shapes they liked best and that would make the best vehicle. This turned out to be more of a lesson in cutting, folding and perseverance that in 3D shapes!

Because they worked so hard on them, I decided to string them up and display so that the hard work and tears were worth it! I also got them to write quick shape riddles to go with them!

If I had planned to do this I would have copied the nets onto brighter coloured paper but I think they still look pretty good!

If you saw my Sunday Smorgasbord post you would see that my little blog has made it to over 20 followers now! Hooray!

That's all for this Monday Made It - head on over to Tara to check out more!


  1. Your writing wall idea is a great one. The kiddos must be so proud to see their work displayed and to see how far they've come.


  2. I love love comparing kids work from the beginning of the year to the end. They are always amazed themselves! Your shapes project sounds a little like STEM to me!