Monday, 28 July 2014

A crafty Monday Made It!

First Monday of the holidays! So good not to have to get up and go to school today. I still had to get up pretty early and tidy my very messy house as I had family coming to visit but it has been a lovely day so I'm not grumbling (too much)!

I'm excited to link up with 4th Frade Frolics today for a Monday Made it where I have actually made something (slightly) crafty!

I went shopping at the garden centre for some flowers to give the adults who work in my class as end of year gifts. I saw something nice but it was SO expensive for what it actually was so I decided to make it myself as it was so simple.

I bought the vases, flowers, ribbon and decorative stones and set to work. 

Adding the flowers, stones and trying with ribbon.

The finished vases. At least double the size of the arrangement I saw for just under the price they were charging. The ladies that work with me loved them!

I bought a bottle of wine as a gift for someone and decided that instead of putting it in an ordinary bottle bag, I would make one myself to make the gift that bit more special. I looked on pinterest and found a great tutorial which you can read here.

The only changes I made were not to use batting and to just use a square of interfacing on the bottom of the lining bag as well as the outer lining. It was really easy to follow, took about half an hour and I think it looks great! 

It definitely added a personal touch to an otherwise ordinary gift!

As a final made it - I've almost made it to 105 pictures on the Blog Hoppin' 2014 scavenger hunt! When I started, I never thought I would even get close but thought I would join in just for fun anyway. I only need another couple of pictures which will be easy. Lots of them are thanks to my lovely sister and I thought I would share a couple taken this weekend that I love!

This one was taken when we went in to London to see Les Miserables on Saturday. Posing by the lion statues in Trafalgar square.

This one was taken at my Mum's house on my birthday yesterday. My niece went into the garage and came out with this tricycle which I didn't even know was there so I quickly snapped a picture! Have you been joining in with the scavenger hunt?

Right. As the holidays have finally started I think I will go for a quick nap now!

Have a great week! 

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  1. Congrats on making it to the end of the blog hoppin scavenger hunt...I still have a looong way to go! haha

    I love those vases! You did a great job :)

    Surprisingly Seventh

  2. You had way more fun with the scavenger hunt than I did! Totally not fair that you live near a city that has phone booths and double decker buses!

    Teachers Are Terrific!