Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Super Story Sacks


Head on over to Adventures in Literacy Land today to read about how to use Story Sacks in the classroom to support young readers!

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday Scoop 29-3-15


We broke up for the Easter Holidays on Friday - 2 lovely weeks off school to catch up with some work, relax and sleep in! Well, except for the 4 mornings I have committed to going in to do revision classes with some of the older children! 

I'm definitely going to do ALL the things on my to do list this week - I am determined!

Thank you to the Teaching Trio for hosting The Sunday Scoop!

Here's mine:

Make sure you link up and check out what everyone else has planned!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Scoop 15-3-15


I have just been shamed by looking back to when I posted last... I have not posted anything this month! I didn't even manage to link up with Farley for Currently! And the last time I shared my Sunday Scoop was the 15th February! 

I'd make a promise to be better this week but I know I have no hope of that as this week is going to be a tricky one! I have so much going on at school - an observation, an interview, carrying out LSA appraisals, delivering staff training, a student teacher starting, writing moderation session AND data due in on Friday! Wish me luck!

Thank you to the Teaching Trio for hosting the easy and fun Sunday Scoop linky!

Here's my scoop this week!

I hope your week isn't as hectic as mine...

Have fun whatever you have planned!