Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July Currently!

Wow - another month has flown by and I'm linking up again with Farley for my second ever Currently!

(I think it's all self-explanatory!)

I'm off to find out what everyone else is up to this July. Don't forget to link up your July Currently!


  1. You can make it through 16 more days! Just a few weeks left and then vacation! I'm enjoying looking at all the new blogs too! I think everyone can relate to wanting a bigger classroom too!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. I love how blogging connects the world. I look forward to reading about classroom.

  3. Oh no! 16 more days! I didn't realize the UK had such a different schedule from most schools in the states. You'll make it though!
    And seriously with the "wanting a bigger room" Ugh! I had a wonderfully sized room 2 years ago, then changed districts (which was a great move for me) and my room is SO small... like somehow the smallest in the school, makes no sense... oh well, I make it work as I'm sure you do as well :)

    1. I've been insanely jealous of all the teachers whose blogs I've been reading and who have been on holiday for weeks now! We only get just under 6 weeks for Summer too but I'm sure it must balance out somewhere else in the school year!

  4. If I had to teach for 16 more days I would just melt- literally. It is now in the mid to high nineties here everyday with 313% humidity (I know that's impossible, but it feels that hot). It's so miserable outside we would not be able to go out for recess! Now, where should you go on holiday (that sounded most definitely British, don't you think)?? I would go to Scotland and visit Stonehenge. Except I just googled it and Stonehenge is not in Scotland. But I'd still go to both places!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Very British! No, Stonehenge is not in Scotland - I have been to both places before but could definitely visit Scotland again!

  5. You can do it! Nothing better than a nice wine to wrap up a week! Cheers!
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