Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Top Ten Insta Pics of 2014!


Christmas is finally over and I have found the time to pay some attention to my poor neglected blog. I was so excited when I saw this great linky hosted by Teachery Tidbits:

I set up my blog in May this year and an IG account in the summer when I joined in with the Bloghopin' Scavenger Hunt and I haven't looked back since! It has been such a great way to connect with some amazing teachers and learn so many new things!

With that in mind, it seemed only right to start my Top Ten Insta Pics with 2 of my favourites from the hunt!

One and Two

My favourites are the ones where I got my family involved and these ones bring back happy memories of those sunny days!

Over the summer I enjoyed linking up for Monday Made It each Monday (thank you 4th Grade Frolics!). I made lots of pretty things when I had the time over the break and here are a couple of my favourites (you can find more of my favourite made its for the classroom here and here and by clicking on the pictures below - birthday balloons, baby quilts, vodka gummy bears and more!).

Three and Four

(New teacher survival kits in a jar and a pinboard for my niece)

My next 2 picture are of some displays in my classroom - when learning about WW1 and remembrance day we did a piece of collaborative artwork in class and it looked so good when put together! 

I was also lucky enough to guest blog over at Adventures in Literacy Land and wrote about working walls in literacy - go check out my post!

Five and Six

I loved posting pictures on IG of the crafts we made in the run up to christmas. I squeezed in as much crafting time as possible despite normal classroom pressures and loved what my kids created. Lots of Pinspired crafts and IG meant I could share even when I didn't have time to blog!

Seven and Eight

Make sure you're following my IG account to check out more of the great crafts we produced and pinterest for the original links!

Finally, some of my favourite pictures this year have to be of my gorgeous furry friends! I show a lot of restraint in not posting pictures of them all the time - I try to limit to my absolute favourites and here they are:

Nine and Ten

(And one more for good luck...!)

Thanks for stopping by today and thank you Teachery Tidbits for such a great linky!

Have a great New Year Everyone!

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Scoop and Working Walls!


I am super excited to be both linking up for The Sunday Scoop with The Teaching Trio AND to tell you that I am a guest blogger over on Adventures in Literacy Land today! I have written a post all about how I use Working Walls in Literacy with a step-by-step explanation! 

Head over to Adventures in Literacy Land to read all about it! You can also grab this great freebie while you are there!

Now to The Sunday Scoop - one of my favourite weekly link-ups!

A fair few Christmas related to-do things on my list - I'm sure I'm not the only one at this time of year! 

What have you got planned in your classroom? I'd love some more craft ideas or to be pointed in the direction of some Christmas Math activities if you know of any great ones!

Make sure you link up your Sunday Scoop too!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December Currently


Thank you so much Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for hosting Currently!

I'm a little late but wanted to join in the fun!

Listening: Andrea Bocelli Christmas Songs are very calming and festive to listen too while we work in the classroom now that December has arrived!

Loving: How excited my class were when the came in this morning and saw that I had put the tree and a bit of tinsel up in the classroom! 

Thinking: This is more like panicking! I have not bought one single christmas present yet... Oh No!

Wanting: This one needs no explaining!

Needing: All assessments are due in next Friday. I need a lovely magical fairy to wave her wand and complete all my levelling!

Giving: This links to the thinking/panicking - I'll hopefully be giving presents if I find some time to shop!

Make sure you link up too:

Merry Christmas!