Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Let's Talk About Books - Penguins

It's time to share fabulous books again with Deanna over at Mrs Jump's Class!

This week I thought I would share a non-fiction story with you. 

It is a factual account of the life of a male Emperor Penguin which is beautifully told and engaging.

It is full of information and interesting facts about how the penguin cares for the egg and chick until Mum returns - lots of things I didn't know and that both the children and I were fascinated by!

The main story of how he cares for the egg and chick is added to by additional facts on some of the pages giving further information for older children.

The illustrations are great and my class loved this book when we were doing our topic on Ice. When writing their reports on Penguins, they seemed to remember more facts from one reading of this book than from the time spent researching on laptops and from other non fiction books!

Very child-friendly and absolutely worth a read!



  1. I just LOVE this book! It's always been one of my favorites, and this past year I had a student OBSESSED with all things penguins so this book got a lot of love! Thank you so much for sharing this book and helping me remember how much I love it! So glad I got to meet you through the Book Talk Tuesday linky party!!


  2. What a sweet little book! I love the pictures. You need to see the movie called "March of the Penguins"!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. I love that book! It's one of my favourites.
    Your new social buttons looks great ;-)
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