Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Monday Made it - A Day Late!

Sorry to be late joining the Monday Made It party this week - I didn't think I had anything to share as I was away all weekend but them remembered I hadn't shared my teacher jam jars completed and in all their glory!

I think I've shared before that I wanted to make back to school gifts for all the new members on my team and the start of this project but here it is from start to finish... 

I had seem lots of great teacher survival kits on other blogs and wanted to do something similar. I was browsing around for ideas and I came across this:

Click on the picture to take you to the site for lots of great ideas!
As it happens, I can't bring myself to throw jam jars away and I have a whole cupboard of them sitting there waiting to be used for something amazing! This was their chance!

I went shopping and picked up lots of little bits for not very much money (I had 6 to make after all).

I swashed it all (bar glue stick and Haribo) in:

I made some labels and attempted to mod podge them to the jars. It didn't go so well and I have since learned that laserjet printing will be fine for mod podge but inkjet not so much:

I don't have a laserjet printer at home so I printed off another set and was hoping that if I was a little more careful, it would be ok. 

A bit of pinterest browsing helped me find the perfect saying for the front of the jars. So true!

My second attempt was not perfect but a definite improvement! I did spray with hairspray and put them the labels in the freezer for a few hours (some tips I read online) before trying again. I think it was more the ONE thin layer to start with that worked and not these other things though!

Each class has an animal name at my school (I am Otters) which is why I chose those pictures to go on my lovely Collective Creation backgrounds.

A bit of ribbon and they were done! Cute teacher gifts for my new team!

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  1. Your teammates are going to love them! Those are so cute and thoughtful. :)
    Teaching with Hope

  2. OMG...I just LOVE your survival jars. I love everything Mason Jar related, to be honest. Your teammates are so lucky to have such a thoughtful colleague/friend. I wish I had one!!! <-- totally jelly =/

    A LoveLi Class