Friday, 1 August 2014

Five for Friday Feedback Please!


Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching is here again and I am linking up to share a few things with you. I seem to have a lot to share this week so have picked 5 and will save the rest for another time   (I suspect a busy Monday Made It!).

 Don't forget to go and link up your random things!

You may well have noticed that I spent yesterday giving my blog a bit of a facelift for summer! What do you think?

All the graphics I used are from Collective Creation and I think they are very pretty!

 I've tried my best but am worried that what I am seeing on my screen may well not be the same as what everyone else is seeing. So please please leave a comment if you have any feedback on what is wonky or needs fixing so I can make adjustments - thank you!

I've just tiptoed past 105 pictures on the Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt! 

My trip to Bruges is booked for next Tuesday! Just a 4 day visit by ferry but I can't wait to get away and explore the beautiful city! I hear the streets are very cobbled though so will need to buy new shoes for the occasion!

I've seen so many people doing amazing things with spray paint recently that I didn't want to miss out! My classroom is SO small that I am having to get rid of a set of trays which usually holds things like different types of paper and word mats etc. I've ordered some storage that can go on top of surfaces to hold those types of things but they are plan white cardboard. I've ordered yellow spray paint and turquoise paint to make them fit in with the colours of my classroom. I can't wait to see how they'll look! 

(Any tips for spray painting?)

I finally got round to hanging this picture I had done at Christmas of my 2 gorgeous furry friends! 

 They are much bigger than this but I sent a whole range of pictures from over the years to the very clever Elinor at Elinor's Creations and this is what she created - I absolutely love it (although I have to admit I was a pain and a bit of a fussy customer so I do have to apologise to her for that)!

So nice to be able to go off and have a cup of tea and wait to read all the other Five for Friday posts now that summer is here!

I really would appreciate feedback on how my new blog design is looking on your screen - be honest!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pixie Ann! I didn't even recognize you! WOW- I LOVE IT! This is just the coolest. I love the colors. Great job, friend! Now, we need to talk about the Bloghoppin thing. You had way too much fun with yours. It was work for me. However, I do plan to win the grand prize. Love your 4 inch cat!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Thank you! I did end up having fun - as long as I had my sign with me there seemed to be chances to snap pictures wherever I went. I still plan to take a few more as I have a blue wig in my cupboard which hasn't been photographed yet!

  2. Your blog looks ah-mazing, I love it! Good job on reaching 105! You're motivating me to keep going haha

    Surprisingly Seventh