Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Scoop 26-10-14


It's Sunday (not quite sure what happened to Saturday) and, as you can see from my 'have to' list, I should be cleaning my house from top to bottom as I have visitors arriving either tonight or tomorrow morning! 

However instead, I am procrastinating and doing something I would much prefer to do which is link up with the Teaching trio for the Sunday Scoop! Luckily, it is a quick, easy and fabulous linky that does not take too much time at all!

I don't suppose I can put that cleaning off any longer so wish me luck (my house reflects the long and tiring 7.5 first weeks back at school that have just been!).

Have a great Sunday and week ahead everyone!


  1. I could copy and paste your scoop as my own haha! I don't have visitors coming but my apartment definitely needs a deep cleaning and laundry has piled up because I put those things on the back burner during school. Hope you get it all done! :)

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  2. I need to get working on some new TPT products as well! I keep saying I will and then get occupied doing other things. Enjoy your week off! :)

    First Grade Shashay