Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hello on a Tuesday!

It's half term next week and the last really big thing that needed doing at school was done today which means I can relax a little, enjoy teaching my class and find the time to link up with Mrs Jump's Class for Book Talk Tuesday!

I was searching for a story to teach my class about perseverance as it is a learning behaviour we are promoting in school. 

I stumbled across this one which sounded perfect and it arrived last week.

It's a sweet rhyming story about a little ant who thinks he can't carry anything to the feast with all the other bugs because he is too small.

He has offers of help from Spider and Grasshopper but they both start to help him and then dash off halfway through the job leaving him carrying the food alone without realising.

At the end, the little ant is pleased with what he has managed to take to the feast and he thanks his friends for their help only to find he managed it himself all along! 

He is the little ant who can now say "I can" instead of "I can't!".

I do really like this story but it's not quite what I was looking for. The illustrations are bright and the story flowed nicely due to the rythmn on each page. As we are a church of England school - the little bible passages were also a nice touch!

The ant succeeds, but I don't think he really persevered as he didn't realise what was happening! 
I was hoping for a story which showed a struggle to achieve something with more of a "try try again" message. 

My class enjoyed it but if you can think of any stories that really teach perseverance, please let me know!

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  1. This book looks cute! What about The Little Engine that Could? That is always a good one for teaching perseverance!!


    1. Good idea - I'll have to dig that one out - thanks!