Tuesday, 28 October 2014

George and Martha


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I was clearing the kitchen table this week (I had visitors arriving and you couldn't see the table for piles of mail) and I found an unopened amazon package. When I opened it, I found this!

I'd never really heard of George and Martha before but must have read about, ordered and promptly forgotten this book when doing some work on friendship!

There are 5 very short stories inside which are all lovely. My favourite is this:

It is very short...

A wonderful story in 5 sentences with 3 illustrations teaching us that friends respect privacy! It made me laugh. I also loved the flying machine and the idea that it was the hot air balloon basket that was too heavy when it wouldn't take off with George in it...

I can definitely see myself getting my class to write George and Martha stories to teach others about friendship after reading some of these. I'm also definitely going to order more!

What books would you recommend when teaching about friendship?


  1. This looks cute. Elephant and Piggie books are great for friendship.