Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord


I just stumbled across this linky over at Fabulous in First and thought I would join in. 

1. I am so relieved to have just finished my school reports! I want to celebrate but I am too tired...2 A4 sides for each of my 29 children means I have been writing reports for what feels like months! They are finally finished and ready to be sent off to the head teacher for his comments and checks. I wish that meant I didn't have much other paper work to do this year but there is still so much to mark and assess and organise...

2. I have finally decided on an outfit for the wedding I am going to next week. I hate having to find things to wear to occasions - I find it very stressful!
(This is not me in the dress!)

3. I finished the book I was reading yesterday (when I should have been writing those reports!). It wasn't the type of book I usually read and I just picked it up on a whim but I really enjoyed it. If you're after something different you should check it out!

4. It's nationality day on Thursday. I was assigned Australia as a country to focus on but I want to celebrate the countries children in my class are from too (obviously Britain but also Africa, India, Pakistan and Turkey). Unfortunately, I am out of class moderating writing all day (so I don't get to join in the fun) but need to think of some fun crafts and activities for the supply teacher to do with them all day. Any ideas? All thoughts very welcome!

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