Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Furry Wordless Wednesday


I'm going for a non-school related Wordless Wednesday today, inspired by my gorgeous kittens (who are not really kittens anymore)!

My question for you is: where does your furry friend like to sleep best?

Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. Hahaha! This made me laugh! Mine sleep wherever they want to! They each have a special place however. One likes the recliner or rocking chair. The middle one sleeps in a box or under the covers with us. The baby sleeps in a dishpan or my lap. My oldest one will still occasionally curl up and sleep in the bathroom sink! Cats are weird!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Unfortunately I am highly allergic to cats, so I can't answer your question, but I do think your kittens look precious in these pictures!
    -Lovely Nina
    *your newest follower :)