Monday, 1 September 2014

September Currently!


It's time for Currently - an amazing linky with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade! Thank you Farley!

School was open for the day so new staff could do an extra day of training. It meant I was able to get in and see what state I left my class in at the end of last term. It wasn't too bad! I think I'm nearly sorted - I love my new number posters and think my 'No Excuses' word wall will be really useful this year. I'm also currently trying to throw together a quick river themed reward board as I realised I had one board I had no plans for! Pictures of my class will be up by the end of the week!

I've also loved seeing all the great classroom reveals recently - so many people have created such great learning spaces for their children - they are very lucky to have such clever and dedicated teachers!

New school year = lots of good intentions for school and healthy living, right? I MUST dust off my exercise bike and start taking healthy lunches to school each day - and drink more water! THEN, I will be able to treat myself to that new school wardrobe!

I would really love to visit Italy - a huge tour of all the amazing cities. However, the 3 places I listed above are the 3 Canary Islands I have not yet seen. I lived on La Palma for a year many many years ago  and promised myself I would see all 7.  4 down and 3 to go...

I'm off to read some of your Currently posts now. Have a great September everyone!

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  1. That is great your school starts after Labor day...we started last Monday. Oh and I definitely agree with the good intentions of healthily living. I got myself a fitbit zip a week before school started because I need a motivator to get moving.

    Live Bake Teach

  2. Best of luck with your fitness goals! Just think how wonderful your going to feel and the amazing new wardrobe you're going to get!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes