Friday, 5 September 2014

Five for Friday

Friday at last which means it is time to link up for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

It was my first week back at school this week - I was in to sort my room on Monday, a full day training on learning behaviour on Tuesday and kids back on Wednesday. It has been good - my class are lively but very sweet and I can see lots of potential already! I've had to give out a fair few warnings and have spoken to one parent already but only to make a point and set high expectations for behaviour! I've enjoyed the week but am shattered now...

I had the otters they made on meet the teacher day up and ready to welcome them on the first day of term:

And we did lots of work based on this amazing book which has become a firm favourite already!

On Thursday we made name-bows. Acrostic name poems, rainbow style. An idea I found on pinterest from The First Grade Parade. I hung them in the window so the parents could see them when they picked them up at the end of the day - I think they turned out well!

We had a 'worry free' morning this morning. I read this book:

And then we tried to make dream catchers. Some turned out well and others were a bit of a tangled mess!

After, I read Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and we made worry dolls!

We also attempted to go outside and blow our worries away with bubble mixture and wands but I must have got the quantities wrong because we got no bubbles!

Because it it the first full on teaching week next week I was super organised after school and have everything ready to go! It won't last long and before I know it I'll be scrabbling round in the mornings trying to get myself sorted for the day... I'll enjoy my organised self while it lasts though!

I'm looking forward the them filling all their new exercise books with lots of lovely work (not looking forward to the marking as much). I used to love writing on that first page of a new book and trying to make it perfect... I hope my class feel the same way!

I hope you all had a great week where you are and have an equally great weekend!

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  1. Those otters are too stinking cute! Glad you too had a great first week.

    Kovescence of the Mind