Sunday, 25 May 2014

When the summer finally arrives...


I have this week off but then the long stretch of 7 1/2 more weeks of school awaits before the summer break begins (it's going to be a struggle!). I was reading Mrs Jump's Class Blog and it got me thinking of the things I would like to do once the summer finally arrives...

1. Box Sets: I love getting involved in a great box set or a series on Netflix. I have some waiting to be watched and it'll be great to have the time and not feel guilty because I should be working! I have House of Cards and The Newsroom lined up. What are your favourites?

2. Gardening: My poor old garden is in a real state. I hope to make a start and tame the grass during this week off school but it needs a lot more TLC. Sadly, this garden is not mine but one I liked at Hampton Court Garden Show last year and aspire to!

3. Sorting out: I HATE mail. I never know what to do with it and it piles up everywhere. Then, when I am clearing up for visitors, I am guilty of taking those piles and putting them in drawers so they are out of sight! My shameful secret... I must go through it all and get it sorted. Anyone else guilty of hiding things in cupboards or drawers instead of dealing with them?!

4. Be Healthy: No excuses during the holidays - I will get to some exercise classes!

5. Decorating: I have been promising myself a new bedroom for ages now. I want to paint/wallpaper, get new furniture and accessories and finally get some curtains (I have blinds at the moment and the sun wakes me up far earlier than I would like at weekends and during the holidays!). Here is a bedroom I would love. So pretty.

6. Sleep in: This has to be the number one priority in the holidays. When I get my curtains, this will be much easier. Late nights reading and watching TV and late mornings sleeping in my newly decorated bedroom... Bliss!

7. Bruges: I hope to get away for a long weekend and explore this lovely city.

8. TpT store: I am pretty new to this and hope to have the time to create some great new resources for my class and my TpT store

9. Sewing: I got myself a sewing machine and started learning to sew about 2 years ago. I've been neglecting it recently and really want to get back into it. Making some new notebook covers for school and a few cushions for my classroom will be my starting point!

10. Reading: Like most other teachers, I really hope to find the time to read some non school based books over the summer. My new years resolution was to read more (and a wider variety) books and I haven't done as well as I would like sticking to that so far. Any recommendations?

Enjoy your holidays whenever they may start!

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  1. Pixie Ann! I adore your name! You should write children's books with that name! The bedroom photo is gorgeous. I would love that, but maybe not in green. (Well then I guess I would not love that...) Book Recommendation: Have you read Diana Gabaldon's series?? Start with "Outlander"!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Thanks for that - I will definitely look into that series.