Friday, 16 May 2014

Setting up a blog


I thought that for my first post I should share how I actually got to this point and say thank you (and give credit to) the sites that were so useful when setting up this blog.

After reading lots of great blogs (see my 'Blogs I've been reading' page), I decided I wanted to be part of the fun and get blogging myself. I signed up to blogger and then had the impossible task of choosing a name for my blog! Weeks later, I decided on one and was ready to begin. I followed a really clear video tutorial by Sophie Slim to create my header using graphics from Collective Creation. This tutorial made it a relatively pain free experience and it was very satisfying to see what I had created on screen! I used picmonkey and photobucket as recommended and found them both really easy to use.

I used the tutorial at Chevron Stitches to make by grab button but had some trouble (quite probably my own fault!) getting the code to show so I used this site and had it up in no time!
I got the code to add my pinterest button from here and to bloglovin from here.

Those are the basics that got me up and running but I know I have so much more to learn about how this all works. All tips and advice appreciated!

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