Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday Scoop 26-4-15


I can't believe that it has been nearly a month since I last managed to link up with the amazing
 Teaching Trio for one of my favourite linkies! 

The first item on my HAVE to list is one I am really going to work on this week, especially as I am posting over on Adventures in Literacy Land on Thursday!

Here is my scoop this week:

It's a pretty busy week with me leading some staff training on engagement along with some other staff tomorrow and then attending training on moderation on Wednesday and on Feedback on Friday. I don't mind the training but I know you will all feel my pain with regards to the cover notes and preparation I will need to do!

I had taken a few things down in my classroom a week or so ago and when I sat and took stock of the walls early last week I realised there was NOTHING there I liked and that truly supported the learning in my room. I was horrified! I quickly got this display up:

It supports some of our work on fractions but every other wall needs revamping. We have observations on Thursday so ideally by then...

With all that going on I really HOPE to hear more readers this week. My class are coming on so well with their reading and I want to hear as many as I can individually over the next couple of weeks. 

Please also wish me luck reaching 10000 steps each day and leave me audiobook recommendations if you have any!

Thank you again to the Teaching Trio for hosting The Sunday Scoop - don't forget to link up and share your plans!

 Have a great week!

Thank you to the Teaching Trio for hosting The Sunday Scoop!

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