Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Scoop 15-2-15

Hello and Happy Valentines Day for yesterday!

School has been crazy these last 2 weeks but we have reached half term so I get to relax a little (and catch up on school work of course!) for a week. I'm going to be a better blogger and am starting that by linking up with the Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

Here's my scoop this week!

Fingers crossed I manage to cross all of those things off my list this week. Especially the marking, planning and watching The Walking Dead (I've seen none of this season so far and keep planning to catch up but never quite manage to!). Good luck crossing things off you to do list!

Have a great week with whatever you have planned and remember to link up your scoop!

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  1. I love The Walking Dead. I enjoy every episode and of course tonight is the night. Have a great week off and enjoy it as well. I cannot wait to hear about your plans for guided reading :)

    The Dots of Teaching

  2. I haven't ever watched the Walking Dead, but apparently I need to because everyone seems to love it! I cleaned like a crazy person yesterday. You would think it was almost spring!

  3. I cannot wait to deep clean my house! Hopefully, in a couple of weeks the weather will be agreeable. A bit too chilly right now.
    Have a great break!!

  4. Eek! Guests with no food in the house! lol, it happens! Enjoy your time with them and with catching up on everything during your break!

  5. I am always the same! I know well in advance that people are visiting but leave it until the morning they are due to arrive to clean and shop! I tell myself that I work best under pressure… or maybe I'm just lazy?! Ha! Here's to a super Half Term Xx

  6. There's something about a new book, whether it's for me or my students, that just makes me so happy! New books always inspire me to plan too! I'm jealous of your week off! Enjoy every moment!

    Mrs O Knows