Sunday, 4 January 2015

First Sunday Scoop of January!

Hello and Happy New Year!

While I'm glad to be linking up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop, I feel sad that it means it's back to school tomorrow and that my lazy(ish) days of holiday are over...

2 weeks for Christmas are just not enough and I am not ready to go back! I was on a lesson planning mission yesterday and managed to get a lot done - including 6 weeks worth of guided reading planning. Hooray! I HATE guided reading planning so felt incredibly pleased with myself that I persevered and  finished it. I know it's going to make my half term a lot easier having it all done!

It's not a day of relaxation and celebration of my guided reading planning achievements though! There is still so much to do... How about you? Have you managed to get all the work you needed to done this holiday? Are you ready for school tomorrow?

Here's my Sunday Scoop:

I also need to tell you that Adventures in Literacy Land are having a Winter Wonders Blog Hop and Giveaway to celebrate their one year birthday on January 6th. Make sure you stop by to pick up some great freebies and enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of four $25 Barnes and Noble gift cards!

Thanks for visiting today - enjoy the last day of your break!

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  1. We cleaned out all of our holiday chocolate, too! I think I received more cookies and chocolate this year than ever before. It had to go! Two weeks was not enough for me either! Kudos on all the plans you finished! I should be doing mine right now! And so the procrastination begins!

    Mrs O Knows

    1. Oh, and I'm addicted to KG fonts, Pond fonts, and DJB fonts! :-)

  2. There are tons of great fonts out there. I admit that I am a total addict. I have purchased to font bundles that I love: Pond Fonts by Graphics from the Pond and Hello Fonts by Hello Literacy. Both set can be found on TPT. Good luck with your marking, and have a great week!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. I'm really proud that you got the guided reading planning out of the way. Nothing stands in the way of enjoying a break like having to do work you don't evidenced by the stack of grading my AP Chemistry teacher-hubby brought Sending you good vibes for that fresh start after the chocolate is gone!

  4. During the big TPT sale around Black Friday, I downloaded several fonts by Chalk and Apples. I am really enjoying using those. It sounds like you have gotten much more accomplished over your break than I did over mine! Great job!
    Fun and Learning at BBA